Monday, October 02, 2006


In the recent past , Quotations are something i have been really fascintaed by.. so here are some that i try and abide by . I'd like to begin with the one that says -
"Its the small things in Life that matter the Most"
This came up first because of two reasons , one is the fact that this is the one aspect of life that most people miss out on , they forget to care about the small things , and yes they at times , if not all , matter the most. Second reason being that the whole concept of Quotations is just that , small one or two liners, they can be life changing..
Next up is one that talks about what many of us try and achieve , winning over everybody , not is it just Impractical , but Impossible at the same time.
"I don't know the key to success , but the key to failure is to try and please everybody"
-Bill Cosby
The man(a very succesful one in the field of American entertainment) is being honest , he doesnt know the key , but he does well in trying to save us from failure.
All of us despise being criticised , and at times more than failure itself , i came through this in the Newspapers once -
"If you are not criticised , you may not be doing much"
-Donald H Rumsfeld
Makes perfect sense.. So lets keep doing things :) ..

Why does one Blog!!

Why does one Blog? Any answers anybody?? I dont really know , but guess when one is getting really bored and has nothing better to do (like me right now) , one Blogs! Well , on a more serious note Blogging serves as a medium to present one's views to the whole world.. So then get ready for some Weird Stuff! Hopefully some good stuff in the offing..Happy Reading..