Thursday, September 04, 2008

Rock On! Live your Dream

Rock On!
Live your Dream

Its cliched, but i have to say this, the movie Rocks! The performances, the songs and the execution make it the treat that it is. What makes the success surprising is that it comes from a first time director, with a producer who is also the lead actor and singer, to be accompanied by actors right from music channel heads to VJs. Never quite seen a combo like that!

The movie might be about rockstars, music, egos and love, but the underlying message is simple - Follow your heart, Live your dream.. We all work, few selected ones work at places of their interest, but majority of the population works only to make a living. Monotonous work leads to a boring life, and then people start cribbing. What is needed is regular breaks, breaks to give yourself time to break out.. Ok, not everybody can be a rockstar, or a painter, or an artist, but within each one of us lies a certain talent, a certain trait which can help us scrape through the mundane, and help us achieve the much sought after satisfaction.

The funda is simple, if your job does not give you the kick, the impetus to move on, then look for satisfaction elsewhere. You'll eventually have what everybody looks out for - Job Satisfaction.. Job during the weekdays, Satisfaction during weekends..

Its all about introspecting and searching for that element within, one that is waiting to come out and Rock On!


Aashi said...

hey prateek...nice to see u gettig bak 2 writing.... :)

hmm i still havta see this movie....lets see if i can bully dad b4 it cums dwn frm the theatre here... and trust me tht happns damn quickly :|

Prateek Shah said...

Thanks Aashi :)

and Oh yes, go catch it for sure!

Ur review awaited..

Ravi Sagar said...

Nice movie.

Anonymous said...

Hey Raja,

Thanks for making that web-space for movie-buffs like us..

Rock On - Great Movie... loved it!!

Each character is well etched. Farhan Akhtar is just most suited for the role. Shahana Goswami has acted really well.

The underlining message of the movie is on the same lines of Iqbal, TZP (to some extent), and few others, nevertheless the movie is very refreshing and is a MUST watch..

Raja, I never knew that somebody is a film critic in making!!??! ;) Good going....


Prateek Shah said...

@ Ravi

Ya , the movie's really nice..

@ Gudia aka Priyanka

Yes, there's a certain similarity with the likes of TZP , Iqbal.. thats what makes the emotional connect with the audience..

and na, na, no movie critic in the making, movie buff might suit better..

Thanks newez :)

ankush said...

So you've now taken to writing movie reviews?

Good for you! :)

Prateek Shah said...

@ Ankush - Ohh sir, where art thou??

Well no, haven't taken to writing movie reviews, just inferring some messages and posting them here :)

Good to see you on the blog after a long long while.

Roshmi Sinha said...

No new posts for quite sometime... in either of your blogs. Wonder why...

Prateek Shah said...

@ Roshmi - well even i dont know why :) Guess outta ideas for the blog.. lets see.