Saturday, August 22, 2009

Public Displays of Affection

Public Displays of Affection

We all shy away from indulging in it. Not like its taboo. Then why the apprehension?  Why are we afraid to be public. Why do we think so hard what others will say about it. 

Be it in person, on the net, or otherwise, something holds us back. Something prevents us from being open about our feelings, appreciating things, right from admiring somebody's new look to congratulating somebody on his/her success.

Confused, eh? Well the post is not really about what you think it is. Its about the basic trait of humans which allows them to be affectionate, be appreciative, give others a pat on their back. 

When we develop a feeling in our minds, why do we restrain ourselves from letting it out . Are we afraid of what will others think about us? As the great Dale Carnegie refers to in his books "Be hearty in your approbation and lavish in your praise". Why don't we take the first step, and start appreciating, publically. Life they say is a vicious circle, it all comes back to you. Your act may bring a smile to somebody and then possibly come back to you :) . So do it for yourself if nobody else.  

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Rock On! Live your Dream

Rock On!
Live your Dream

Its cliched, but i have to say this, the movie Rocks! The performances, the songs and the execution make it the treat that it is. What makes the success surprising is that it comes from a first time director, with a producer who is also the lead actor and singer, to be accompanied by actors right from music channel heads to VJs. Never quite seen a combo like that!

The movie might be about rockstars, music, egos and love, but the underlying message is simple - Follow your heart, Live your dream.. We all work, few selected ones work at places of their interest, but majority of the population works only to make a living. Monotonous work leads to a boring life, and then people start cribbing. What is needed is regular breaks, breaks to give yourself time to break out.. Ok, not everybody can be a rockstar, or a painter, or an artist, but within each one of us lies a certain talent, a certain trait which can help us scrape through the mundane, and help us achieve the much sought after satisfaction.

The funda is simple, if your job does not give you the kick, the impetus to move on, then look for satisfaction elsewhere. You'll eventually have what everybody looks out for - Job Satisfaction.. Job during the weekdays, Satisfaction during weekends..

Its all about introspecting and searching for that element within, one that is waiting to come out and Rock On!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Taare Zameen Par..

Taare Zameen Par..

I dont really know what to say .. Its just that u get so overwhelmed after watching the movie, that u feel like sharing it with everybody. There are emotional movies, there are heart wrenchers.. and then there is Taare Zameen Par..

Aamir , The Master Craftsman has delivered a flawless masterpiece with the sweet and innocent Darsheel stealing your heart. Its not just about the one particular case that Aamir has brought to light, but the very essence of present day parenting that he questions. Parents today, are after their kids' lives to study hard, get good grades, perform outstandingly, and if nothing more, then atleast outshine the child living next door. The tagline of the movie says "Every Child is special", oh yes they surely are.. cant people understand the simple fact that not every child is meant to do very well academically, there may be other things that one could be good at. The fact of the matter is that there are other things that one is good at, only that these talents are overlooked by the parents and peers, and eventually whatever little creativity lies in an individual dies a premature death. One has to thank Aamir for choosing an issue which is close to every child's heart, and somewhere or the other,in some manner or the other, each one of us has gone through the same feelings , wanting to break free.. As a friend of mine suggested, the way Rang De Basanti brought about changes in the mindset of many a people, and actually made them come out of their comfy homes and fight for various causes, it would be simply fabulous to witness anything on similar lines through the platform of Taare.. Sooner or later, we have to realize that life is not a 100 m dash for all of us, for some it can also be a marathon, a big long marathon where things go steady.. All in all, no matter how parents have come to understand the nittygritties of life, it is too soon to impose it all on small young kids.. On an ending note, here are few lines from the Title Song that capture the very essence of the movie.

Dekho inhein yeh hai onss ki boodein

Patto ki goodh mein aasamaan se kude

Angdai le phir karwat badal kar

Nazuk se moti hasde phishal kar

Kho na jaayee yehh.. Taare Zameen par..

Monday, October 02, 2006


In the recent past , Quotations are something i have been really fascintaed by.. so here are some that i try and abide by . I'd like to begin with the one that says -
"Its the small things in Life that matter the Most"
This came up first because of two reasons , one is the fact that this is the one aspect of life that most people miss out on , they forget to care about the small things , and yes they at times , if not all , matter the most. Second reason being that the whole concept of Quotations is just that , small one or two liners, they can be life changing..
Next up is one that talks about what many of us try and achieve , winning over everybody , not is it just Impractical , but Impossible at the same time.
"I don't know the key to success , but the key to failure is to try and please everybody"
-Bill Cosby
The man(a very succesful one in the field of American entertainment) is being honest , he doesnt know the key , but he does well in trying to save us from failure.
All of us despise being criticised , and at times more than failure itself , i came through this in the Newspapers once -
"If you are not criticised , you may not be doing much"
-Donald H Rumsfeld
Makes perfect sense.. So lets keep doing things :) ..

Why does one Blog!!

Why does one Blog? Any answers anybody?? I dont really know , but guess when one is getting really bored and has nothing better to do (like me right now) , one Blogs! Well , on a more serious note Blogging serves as a medium to present one's views to the whole world.. So then get ready for some Weird Stuff! Hopefully some good stuff in the offing..Happy Reading..